Beauty saloon

In the modern world, caring for appearance has become a familiar and essential part of every person's life.

Beauty salon at the hotel complex "Alexandrovsky" offers a wide range of services to our clients:

Hairdressing services Nail care services Services of the masseur Cosmetic procedures
men's haircut from 80 UAH. manicure - 100 UAH. Types of massage:
Epilation    from 40 - 220 UAH.
woman's haircut from 120 UAH. pedicure - 160 UAH. Eyelas extension   220 - 400 UAH.
model haircut from 150 UAH.

drawing shellac 

180 UAH. - on the hands' nails; 220 UAH. - on the legs' nails

Eyebrow correction- 50 UAH.
hair styling; Therapeutic massage 130 - 150 UAH Eyedrow coloring (henna)     60 - 80 UAH.
different methods and types of hair dyeing;   Body massage 250 - 270 UAH

Also you can use the services of a make-up artist in our beauty salon. Cost of applying make-up: 200-250 UAH.

For quality care of your hair, salon masters work only with paints, shampoos and masks of the Professional lines.