Sport Club

Today every person has the opportunity to make his or her life brighter and more beautiful. To do this, it is enough to acquire the motivation to move forward and not to deviate from your decision.

Sport Club ALEX will help to find new goals, to conquer new peaks in self-improvement, to feel the atmosphere of contests and victories, will help to start your path to visible changes.

At your service Sport Club "Alex" offers:

  •  Equipment and simulators from the leading manufacturer of sports equipment Inter Athletics (line "Professional");
  •  A wide area of cardio simulators, consisting of eight racetracks, four orbits and exercise bikes;
  •  Climate control system to create the most comfortable temperature for physical exertion;
  •  Nutritious fitness bar;
  •  Free Wi-Fi;
  •  Always smiling administrators.

Also all the trainers working in our gym have a high level of professionalism. They are sports fans, champions and masters. They will become your companions, assistants and friends.

We look forward to seeing you in our ranks, we wish you every success.

The cost of membership does not include individual training with a trainer. 

PRICE LIST 01.01.2018

  ONE-TIME TRAINING 5:00 - 22:00 45 UAH. -
ONE MONTH 12 WORKOUTS 5:00 - 17:00 340 UAH. 2 MONTHS
5:00 - 22:00 420 UAH. 2 MONTHS
UNLIMITED 5:00 - 22:00 500 UAH. 2 MONTHS
3 MONTHS UNLIMITED 5:00 - 22:00 1100 UAH. 2 MONTHS
ANNUAL UNLIMITED 5:00 - 22:00 3700 UAH. 2 MONTHS

Working hours:

daily from 5:00 to 22:00