"Alexandrovsky" invites you to visit the cozy sauna on the territory of the hotel complex.

Here you can spend your free time with health benefits, remove fatigue from the bustle and pace of modern life.

Large Sauna  - 500 UAH/HOUR   

  •    Sauna for 10 people
  •  Finnish steam bath
  •  Pool 6x2 m., depth 1,5 m.
  •  A large table for banquets 
  • Two lounges
  •  Massage chair
  •  Billiard table 12F
  •  TV
  •  Showers

Small Sauna - 300 UAH/HOUR

  •    Sauna for 6 people
  • Finnish steam bath
  •  A table for 6 persons
  •  TV
  •  Dayroom
  •  Showers

Two rooms share a common bar.

If you want to celebrate your celebration unusually, the Alexandrovsky Restaurant offers the opportunity to order a mini-banquet in the sauna.